Empathy Skills

My campaign is about fostering the foundational values of mutual listening, empathy, care, openness, connection and trust that supports the well-being of all. We have many effective practices and processes that can be used to achieve these values.

The most basic practice is the highly effective Empathy Circle process. Below are steps you can take to hold your own circles with family, friends, faith-based organizations, community, work, etc. You can use a topic like: How might we bridge the personal, social and political divides in our community and country?

While the practice is easy enough for anyone to do, you can also join me in trainings to deepen your skills. My team can bring an Empathy Circle to your organization, family or group of friends. Contact me if you’re interested.

Short instructions for how to take part in an Empathy Circle.

A more detailed introduction.

  1. What is an Empathy Circle?

  2. Why Participate?

  3. How Does it Work?

    1. Setup Guidelines

    2. How To

    3. Tips

You can print out the 1 page PDF page and hand it out to anyone to support them in starting or participating in an empathy circle.

Take the Empathy Training
Welcome to this introductory training on how to facilitate an Empathy Circle. The Empathy Circle is the most effective foundation and gateway practice for learning, practicing and deepening listening and empathy skills, as well as, nurturing an empathic way of being. Visit EmpathyCircle.com for more about the practice.

This website and curriculum will guide you through the process of signing up for the training and what to expect in each of the training Sessions. It has reference links to the material and the exercises we cover. Module 1 training consists of 5 Sessions of 2.5 hours each. We will meet once a week. See past trainings.

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