Edwin Rutsch
for U.S. Congress

Leading the Empathy Movement.
Bridging our personal, social and political divides.

The Empathy Candidate
for CD 8

Social and political divisions are escalating and are tearing our families, communities and country apart. I am director of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy and leading a movement to bring our communities together by seeing our common humanity.

Together we can bridge the divides with deep listening, mutual empathy, constructive dialogue, shared understanding and collaborative action.

Help build the movement to collaboratively design solutions to the challenge of: How might we mend and heal the personal, social and political divides in our communities?

As a Democrat, I know that when Americans come together, our creativity and innovation can accomplish anything!

Short Clip From Documentary That Shows How I Mediate Political Conflicts
The mediation starts about 2 minute in. We need to train everyone in the country these listening and mediation skills.

With Redistricting, This Is Our
New California Congressional District 8

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