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Introduction to the Edwin for Congress Campaign. Mutual Listening, Empathy, Dialogue and Mediation.
Join me in this meeting to learn about our empathy campaign and how you can be a part of if. Or come and check it out. Just drop in. Everyone from everywhere is welcome. Invite your friends.
Date: Saturdays 10am - 12 pm PST

Location: Zoom

How Might We Bridge Social, Religious, And Political Divides In Our Communities?

We are hosting a series of nonpartisan Empathy Cafes with interfaith leaders and community members on the topic: How might we bridge social, religious, and political divides in our communities?

Visit the website for details. Come share ideas, insights and actions to bridge our differences. These Online Empathy Cafes are open to all faith-based (and no faith tradition) communities. Everyone is welcome to participate.


Edwin's Center for Building a Culture of Empathy co-hosts this events to bring the community together. Join Police2Peace and the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy for an interactive listening session of community members and police professionals engaging very specific empathy skills which makes listening much more effective. Listening to people and being empathic is foundational to police being Peace Officers engaging in procedural justice.

This session will teach very specific empathy skills, provide practice in these skills and give you the tools to bring these valuable listening skills back to your agency or community and answer this question: How can we build better relationships between the community and the police? The secret is mutual empathy. Tune in and find out how.

Time Stamp
00:00 Empathy Cafe: Talk With the Cops

11:12 Empathy Circle

1:09:30 Next Steps

1:12:40 Testimonials

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"As a police officer, I just want to say thank you to everybody that attended this. This is huge, and it's necessary. In my group, we had some really great conversation. And there was a need to learn and understand more. Check out your local police department or Sheriff's Office. Many of them have citizens police academies. And so that might be a way to learn more to get engaged to understand and to build a little bit of a relationship. So again, I appreciate everybody for taking the time to do this." Anjolie

April 10, 2022. Edwin Rutsch invites fellow CD-08 U.S. Congressional Candidates to take part in an Empathy Circle dialogue with fellow candidates. Our Topic: How Might We Bridge Personal, Social & Political Divides in Our Communities and Country?

The Empathy Circle fosters constructive dialogue with mutual listening and understanding. This is the first ever Congressional Candidates Empathy Circle. We are working to set up a series of these dialogues to model how candidates can take part in meaningful, respectful, and constructive dialogue that supports our families, community and country. Mutual listening and dialogue are keys to a better world.


* Edwin Rutsch (D)

* Cheryl Sudduth (D)

* Christopher Riley (D)

- Facilitator: Timothy Regan - Talk-it-Out Radio

Other Candidates

~ Rudy Recile (R) (Couldn't take part due to scheduling conflict)

- John Garamendi (D) (Did not reply to multiple invitations to take part)


Contact Edwin Rutsch for support in hosting Empathy Circles in your community for healing, conflict mediation, community building and innovation.

Ride Alongs with the Police

One area I'm working on is to build better relationships between Communities and Police..

I've started to do Ride Alongs with the police in the district to connect with the police and better understand the communities' needs. ("A ride-along is an arrangement for a civilian to spend a shift in the passenger seat of an emergency vehicle, observing the work day of a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic." wiki)

I did the first ride along in my town of El Cerrito with Officer Danielle Hernandez. Danielle gave me a detailed tour of the police station and of El Cerrito. It was amazingly informative and I very much enjoyed the discussion and insights from our conversation.. I learned a lot and really appreciate the connection and the insights.

We were really on the same page about the importance of mutual listening and dialogue for community building. I agree with Danielle that the community also needs to do its part in reaching out to foster dialogue. I am working on that part.

We Are Hosting Trainings For Facilitating Empathy Circles.

February to March, 2022
This is a core practice of the campaign. One of our goals is to have all Congress members to take part in Empathy Circles with each other. Each circle would have two Democrat, two Republican Congress members and a facilitator to dialogue on the topic of: How might we bridge the social and political divides in the country?
Join the campaign and take a training.

10 Week Online 'On Tyranny’ Democracy Circle Book Club To Support Democracy.

January to March, 2022
Edwin forms 10 Week Online 'On Tyranny’ Democracy Circle Book Club to Support Democracy. Authoritarianism and tactics that undermine and destroy democracy are happening in the USA and around the world. This book club uses the Empathy Circle process to dialogue about supporting democracy.

Open to all. Join us weekly online.

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